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How does something like Kansas City Craft Brewers become reality?   Well, the first thing you need are friends that have been selling beer in Kansas City for a long time. That’s us.  Second, it helps to have a fertile market place of craft beer consumers.  Thanks KC, that’s you.


In the later part of 2015,  the good people at Midwest Distributors, in KCK (west of stateline), reached out to the fine folks at Sparta Beverage, in KCMO (east of stateline), to discuss craft beers in the Kansas City metro.  You have probably heard of the beers that Midwest distributes; Miller, Coors, Heineken, etc. (big).   You may, or may not, of heard of the beers Sparta distributes: Weston Brewery, Flying Monkey Beer, Brickway, Root Sellers, etc. (small).


Even though Sparta Beverage was small, it has a close affiliation with Weston Brewing Company. Those early discussions lead to idea of creating a new brand of beers for our local market. We all liked having KC in the name, and as such, the Kansas City Craft Brewers brand was added to the already diverse Weston Brewing Co Group.  Coupled with a strong local distribution network, our new brand was born.


At that point, we really had something unique.  Create a brand from the ground up, with equal focus on the distribution network and the beer recipe.  Typically, someone has an idea for a brewery, creates the beers, and then seeks a distribution partner.  This time it all happened together.  The brainstorming effort for KC Craft beers was focused on developing a line of beers with only the KC local market in mind.





Local beer, for local people, by local people.

So enjoy this uniquely Kansas City endeavor.  We have a great city, both sides of that pesky state line.  We hope that we can create beers that are worthy of our fine community.


We’re started with two beers.  First, our homage to warm weather and world-class tailgating. Second, our interpretation of an American Pale Ale.  Opening Day Ale and Kansas City Pale Ale are available in 12 ounce cans and in draft. We recently added Black Wheat Lager and Red Lager.  Both approachable and delicious. We hope to have new beers to the good people of KC every few months or so, as the mood hits.  For sure, it’s all about Kansas City.

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